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About Us And What we Do

The Blaze Tools Experience


We are a technology company and the creators of We specialize in providing a world class form building experience, as well as a service that almost no other form building site provides - help getting set up. We have found that many people know they could benefit from adding online forms to their organization, from ambulances tracking medications and equipment to a summer camp accepting registration and payments. Our services are inexpensive and personalized - get in touch and see how we can help you! Our services are reasonably priced and our goal is to help in your success. 

Our Approach


 The biggest hurdle for most is getting set up. While Blazeforms is designed to be user friendly and easy to use, it's not always something that people want to do. We offer customized setup and 7 day/week support to get you running and keep you running.  

Why Us?


We are not a big company with a million customers. We are a small group and like to know our customers personally. Every customer we set up gets a phone number they can call 7 days a week, as well as a name and a face for each account. We are serious when we say that we want to be your partner, and treat each and every customer that way.